Silenced by suicide.

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Tori. 17. Australia. Triggering. Depression. Self Harm. Gorey. Whatever the fuck I want. Metal. Brutal. Some perfect guy named Alex. Bitches leave. ex oh ex oh

Dita Von Teese. #drool.


tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not

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i hate when people go “i dont credit fanartists as Real artists because its fanart and they should draw more original art” ok yeah that patronizing attitude is nice and all but you know like… every piece of classical art is fanart of the bible

im sorry da vinci, the last supper doesnt COUNT as real art because its not original art and you should make some ocs

I think I just found the most compelling argument toward fanart ever

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my favorite mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials

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Having a mental disorder makes you see the world in a different way

You notice things normal people don’t

Like the faint scars on people’s arms

The emptiness in their eyes

The way they smile with their mouths but not with their eyes

The anxiousness they feel when having to eat in front of others

Just little things most would look over

but you notice

Because they’re just like you

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  Michelle K., What Keeps Me Up at Night #131. (via batalyk)

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the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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